One of the highest-rated bubble shooter games on Google Play!

Bubble shooter game meets astrology in this new, unique and addictive puzzle game! Find out your daily horoscope and lucky numbers and play dozens of fun and challenging levels. Pop and burst bubbles in space to help Zoe and her jelly friends save the zodiac signs and beat the odds. In return, she’ll read the stars and predict your future!

Pop bubbles

Match as many bubbles as you can while you explore the galaxy in this cute and colorful bubble shooter game. Burst bubbles with space bombs, burn through difficult levels with comets, and much more. Free the zodiac signs and find out what is written in your stars! Play dozens of fun and challenging levels and collect many awesome rewards!

Daily horoscope

Shoot bubbles and get your daily horoscope for FREE every day. Horoscope types will unlock as you progress through the galaxy. Complete dozens of exciting quests and awesome levels to discover your lucky numbers! Match, pop and burst bubbles with Zoe and her jelly pals to get your future read from the stars!

Get all types of horoscopes

Are you playing Zodiac Pop! to find out your horoscope? Unlock even more types by completing quests. Tap your sign at the lower right part of the map to bring up your Quest list: there are horoscopes covering your daily life, money, love, and even your lucky numbers. Your fortune changes every day, so be sure to check daily and see what the stars have in store for you.
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