Keep Monsters Away This Halloween With Dream Defense!

October, the month of Halloween, is synonymous with frosty mornings, dead leaves, and deepening shadows. Before we begin the cold, gray winter, we contemplate the dead and whether or not we will join them before the snow finally gives way to spring.

Halloween is also a great time to play Dream Defense a tower defense shooting game. You play as a cute teddy bear defending his best friend, Robin, from scary creatures that wait silently in the dead of the night, attacking as soon as she falls asleep.

How do you stop the nightmares? Here’s a handy guide:

A) Equip yourself with several exciting weapons
Attack the nightmare demons with BB and poison guns, pepper sprays, darts and many more! Bombard your enemies with explosives or freeze them with ice cream!

B) Always upgrade your items as soon as you can afford it
Upgrade weapons and use power-ups to be even more powerful. Build your toy defenses up and ultimately save your best friend from the evil monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Here are some items. Which ones are your favorites?

BB Gun: Single-target gun with high rate of fire

Paintball Gun: Splash damage, good against clumped enemies

Firecracker: Damages multiple enemies

Cream Freezer: Freezes multiple enemies

Bed cushion: Gives additional HP

Laser Lamp:
Shoots enemies near the bed

You will earn coins, gems, and Dream Ore when you defeat all the monsters.
Don’t forget to check out the Armory section to find the perfect ammo this Halloween season.

Can you survive the night and prevent Robin’s nightmares from coming true?
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