Junior Quality Assurance Analyst (Philippines)

The QA department champions the overall quality and standards of the company’s products and services.

As a Junior /Mid Level QA Analyst, your role will be key in creating specific standards and test cases that your project must follow. A keen eye for detail, alongside a logical view of a project’s life cycle will help you in creating and maintaining these tests.

A passion for gaming and testing methodologies is required in order to succeed in this role. You will mostly be working with mobile and web technologies, so a deep familiarity with those systems will be crucial for your success.


Test documentation

  • Creation of test cases and ordering test suites based on project requirements
  • Creation and maintenance of standards (converted into test cases)
  • Judicious attention to project documentation with regards to testing, test results, contingency plans, and project tasks and bugs
  • Take ownership of your project’s QA related tasks 


  • Championing the QA standards and the company vision in all processes and output
  • Contributing to the maintenance and improvement of current standards and practices
  • Be an example for quality and process optimization


  • Timely execution of test cases and other testing methodologies based on your project’s current milestone requirements
  • Be prepared with contingencies when unexpected hindrances occur
  • Provide accurate and immediate triage for defects and bugs
    • Follow through the defect/bug life cycle into its conclusion (detection->reporting->triage->verification->documentation)


  • Take charge of your project’s overall quality and be proactive in enforcing those standards


  • Clear passion in testing, QA, and mobile and web technologies
  • Strong technical writing skills for creating role-agnostic reports and test cases
  • Proactive approach to the daily work experience
  • Comfortable and adequately equipped for working in a remote environment
    • High speed internet connection required for file sharing, collaboration, and general day-to-day activities
    • A mid-range PC is required in order to properly execute your required tasks
    • Android/iOS familiarity (owning any popular mobile technology will greatly help you in your task)
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with diverse teams
  • Useable experience/knowledge in project management tools, the software development lifecycle, creation and development technologies, and cross-functional collaboration
  • Practical experience/knowledge in accurate documentation, real-world testing mindset, software engineering best practices, QA best practices, and common software suites (office tools, Google suite, browsers, emulators, etc.)
  • Excited about technology and the frantic and high-speed nature of its growth
  • Not afraid of failure, takes the concept of “fail fast” to heart
  • A mature, yet flexible outlook 
  • Driven to grow and succeed

To apply, send us your resume and cover letter via [email protected]. Please include any online links to your projects or demos.

We’re always looking for the best talent – if you don’t see the job you want posted here, you can still send us a message through the contact page. We’ll keep you in mind for the future!

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