The complete beginner’s guide to Zodiac Pop!

What happens when you mix a bubble shooting game with astrology? You get Zodiac Pop!, a unique and fun mobile game that gives you your horoscope as you play. Complete challenging levels across the galaxy to unlock different types of horoscopes, with new readings every day!

To help you get started with your bubble-popping adventure, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to ensure you get past the hard levels and earn the highest score every time. Read on!


Use your special bubbles



Are you stuck in a particularly challenging level? Use Special Bubbles! Special bubbles come in 3 types. The Space Bomb blasts all surrounding bubbles it touches, while the Comet Bubble burns a path through them. They’re both perfect for clearing out groups of bubbles quickly. The Rainbow Bubble can copy the color of any bubble it touches — great for setting up combos!

Pro tip: Need more Special Bubbles? Get them for free in Mystery Boxes, which you can find daily on the map and randomly in some levels. Mystery Boxes contain free stuff, from Special Bubbles to gems! Always open a box when you see one.


Use the walls


Having trouble reaching the top bubbles on the screen? Shoot your bubbles into the walls to make them bounce at an angle and access those hard-to-reach areas. For a higher score, aim for bubbles that serve as “anchors” to other bubbles; this will make a large number of bubbles fall down for a score bonus.


Unlock gates with stars


You earn stars by beating levels in Zodiac Pop!; the higher your score, the more stars you win. Aside from bragging rights, these stars are also required to unlock the different zones in the game. Tap the top center symbol on the map to find out which zone you’re in and how many stars you need to unlock the next one. Always aim for three stars in each level if you can. Remember, the more bubbles you drop, the higher your score!


Get all types of horoscopes


Are you playing Zodiac Pop! to find out your horoscope? Unlock even more types by completing quests. Tap your sign at the lower right part of the map to bring up your Quest list: there are horoscopes covering your daily life, money, love, and even your lucky numbers. Your fortune changes every day, so be sure to check daily and see what the stars have in store for you.


Match with a friend


Here’s a fun feature you might not know about: You can match with a friend and see if you’re compatible! Tap the Friend Match icon on the lower right part of the map, and choose a friend from your list. Are the results accurate? Share it with your friend – or use it to break the ice with someone you like. Make sure you’re logged into Facebook so you can bring up your friends list!

Haven’t downloaded Zodiac Pop! yet? Head on over to the App Store  or Google Play to get it right now for free.

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