Chinese New Year Updates for Dream Defense and Zodiac Pop!

We’re back to help usher in the Spring Festival! We’ve got new features, challenges, and items for you to enjoy. Read on to know more about our Chinese New Year updates!

Make sure you update your games to access the new content.

Dream Defense

Chinese New Year Event: Unlock the new Rooster Skin by completing quests!

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New SkinsWe have a whopping 19 new skins for you to collect via the new Skin Lunchbox! Dress up your bear with cool-looking skins. Who says a bear can’t look fabulous while shooting down nightmares?

2017-01-24 08.43.03

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Zodiac Pop!

Seven-Star Challenge Event: Play a different level every day and complete the event to win prizes!


30 New Levels: We just added the Pisces Zone with 30 new levels!


New Special Bubble: Neutralizer. Are those Black Holes getting in your way? Turn any obstacle into normal bubbles with the Neutralizer!

New Obstacle: Bubble Bot. These bots spawn new bubbles as long as they’re onscreen, so be sure to drop them fast!



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