Bringing everyone together: Our 2024 company planning

Altitude Games group photo with the ocean and blue sky in the background

At Altitude Games, we take pride in being a fully remote company. But while we love the quality of life that working from home brings, it also can get lonely. So last January, we decided to bring everyone together face to face for our 2024 company planning. 40 of us made our way to a resort in beautiful Batangas, Philippines. We spent the next four days building camaraderie and collaboration.

We had three priorities at the event:

1. Fun

We had one rule at the resort: “50% work, 50% play”. Half of each day should be for work, and the rest of the day could be spent however you liked. That could mean kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming, or just sitting around with people we knew very well from Slack but never hung out with in person. And since we’re all gamers, we played a lot of games, too!

Three kayaks with people inside them paddling, on a blue sea
Groups of people playing card games on tables

2. Meaningful discussions

We also took the opportunity to foster better working relationships. Each manager had 1:1 time with their direct reports, sharing honest feedback with each other and finding ways to improve the relationship. We learned so much from these discussions that we made huge changes to our game development process based on team feedback!

A man presenting a slide to a group

3. Collaborative planning

Lastly, there’s no better way to collaborate than having a bunch of creatives in the same room! We presented our product roadmap for 2024 and opened it up for the team to brainstorm on how to make it happen. We used Miro as our brainstorming tool for easier documentation, plus it allowed the few who couldn’t make it to Batangas to participate. At the end of the event, teams presented and voted on their favorite ideas – filling up our backlog for the year.

A group sitting on the floor huddled together brainstorming
A group sitting around a table outside, brainstorming

The event solidified our belief that happy team members do better work. We left Batangas feeling refreshed and excited for the future. We plan to do this twice a year, and hopefully that creates a good balance between remote work and face-to-face collaboration. See you in the next one!

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