Flying High – Looking Back at 2014

It’s been an incredible 9 months for us at Altitude Games – we started the company just March of this year, and it’s been a wild ride throughout the entire 2014. I hope you can indulge us in a little recap of what our scrappy team has accomplished so far.

Run Run Super V Game Dev Diary #2: Alpha Results

Hi everyone! I’m Luna, Creative Director at Altitude and the game designer for Run Run Super V. It’s been six months since our last Developer Diary, and many things have happened since then! This post talks about our alpha build that we released to the Google Play Store last August, what we learned from our Read More »

Meet our Game Artists: Aileen and Eveth

One of the most important aspects of our game would have to be its art style. We wanted to capture that nostalgic look and feel of Saturday cartoons and comic strips. It had to look old-school with a bit of modern flair to it. Of course our Art Director Chester is not alone in this Read More »

Nostalgia trip: The first video games we played

Let’s take a little nostalgia trip. We’ve played a lot of games up until now, but what was the first? We look back to simpler times and remember video games that launched our lifelong obsession with high scores, rare items, and pushing buttons.

Our Favorite Endless Runners

When we’re not building Run Run Super V, we’re playing (and getting inspiration from) our favorite games during our downtime. Here are some of Altitude’s favorite endless running games on mobile:

Meet a Game Developer – Marc Polican

This week we delve into the mind of Altitude’s Engineering Director Marc Polican. He’s taking a break from writing lines of codes and he gives us his insights on game development and just what makes a Game Dev’s mind tick. What is your nickname, rank, and serial number? Hi. People usually call me Marc. I Read More »

Run Run Super V Game Dev Diary #1: Casual Connect Asia

Hi everyone! I’m Luna, Creative Director at Altitude and the game designer for Super V. We’re starting a Developer Diary so you can see how the game is being made and how it evolves until launch. This first Dev Diary talks about our first playable build which we showed in Casual Connect Asia, the feedback Read More »