Self-Publishing vs Using A Publisher: Which Is Better?

Hi everyone! Keith here, Publishing Director for Altitude. I recently gave a talk about mobile game publishing during the Mobile Games Publishing Meet-Up last June. For those who weren’t able to make it, or those who’d like a more in-depth discussion on game publishing, read on below. To self-publish or not to self-publish? Game publishing Read More »

Meet our Game Artists: Dax and Rex

Games are not just about coding systems that drive gameplay; they’re also about making things visually appealing to the user. Most of the time, we are drawn to a game simply because it looks cool. That’s where our artists come in. Today, we’re going to meet two of our artists (that both have one-syllable names): Read More »

Programming Systems That Build The Game

Hi everyone! I’m Marc, Engineering Director and Co-Founder of Altitude Games. I’m here to talk about how we write code for our games. Core principle: Make tools and systems that empower the team A common mistake of new game dev teams is to have their programmers import assets, make the UI, line up the sprites, Read More »

Anne Galing Game Dev Diary: A Dress-Up Match-3!

Hey guys, Jan Rey here! We’re excited to announce our latest game, Anne Galing! Anne Galing! is a fun and colorful match-3 game featuring the lovely Ms. Anne Curtis.You can hang out with Anne, collect different outfits, and show them off to your friends. Anne-saya! The game was developed by Altitude and published by Xeleb, Read More »

Event Recap: The 1st Mobile Games Publishing Meet-Up

Hey guys! Jan Rey here. Last June 30, we conducted an industry meet-up together with our friends from Appsflyer, MatchMe, GDAP, and Anino Playlab at A-Space. For one night, game developers shared their knowledge about the mobile games publishing business. Here’s a summary of what we learned at the event.

Picking the Right Tools

Hi! I’m Jan Castro, Production Director over here at Altitude Games. I’m here to talk about how we picked tools and processes for our studio, with emphasis on “People Over Process”. Setting up a production process from scratch can be daunting. Fortunately, there are a number of Agile methodologies out there that can help with Read More »

Run Run Super V Game Dev Diary #3: Fail Fast, Learn Rapidly

It’s been six months since we talked about the development of Run Run Super V, and we’re excited to announce a major update — a complete rehaul of our gameplay loop! We asked members of the RRSV team (JD, Benjo, Erwin, Joniel, Luna, and Keith) to discuss the rehaul below.

Creating the Cover – Casual Connect Europe 2015

We are proud and excited to be joining this year’s Casual Connect Europe . Casual Connect is the place to learn more about the mobile games industry, which entertains billions of people each month. And just like last year, we could not pass up the opportunity to join the show once again. More so when we found Read More »

Game Jam 2015 – A jammer’s view

Hey guys! Jan Rey here again! The Manila Game Jam 2015 has ended, and it was a lot of fun. Several of our co-workers here at Altitude also joined the game jam, and in this blog post, we highlight their thoughts and experiences as they went through the process of creating their games this year. Read More »

Altitude’s tips for the Global Game Jam

Hi! This is Luna, Creative Director of Altitude. The Global Game Jam is happening this weekend (January 23 to 25) – an annual event where developers from around the world get together and make a game in 48 hours. This year’s Manila jam is happening at Ateneo de Manila University, and Altitude was happy to Read More »