Zodiac Pop! update: New zones!

Greetings, jelly pals!

Zodiac Pop! is once again featured worldwide today on Google Play, and to mark this awesome occasion, we’ve added even more stuff to the game in this latest update!



In this update: Two new zones: Virgo and Libra, featuring 30 new levels, a new bubble type, updated quests, and more!

New zones: Virgo and Libra – We’ve added two new zones with 30 new levels. Each new level poses new challenges and bubble types to test your skills.


New challenges await you at the Virgo and Libra zones!

New bubble type: Black Hole bubble – The new levels are riddled with black holes! Do you have what it takes to get through them?



Black holes appear on level 91 onward

New Quests –  We’ve added new quests that make reading and sharing horoscopes more rewarding.



Complete quests to get more rewards!

Difficulty adjustments – Adjusting the game’s difficulty based on your feedback is a never-ending process. We’re thankful to everyone who’s given us their thoughts!

New languages available: We’ve listened to your comments and localized the game into French, German, and Spanish.



– We’ve polished and added new horoscope images once you unlock them, so go ahead and share them with your friends once you do!

We hope you enjoy playing through Zodiac Pop’s latest update. As always, please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback or drop us a review (and maybe a few stars). Your thoughts mean a lot to us and it really helps us with the development process.

Until the next update guys, keep on poppin’ !



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