Zodiac Pop! update #3: New levels and bubbles!

Greetings, jelly pals!

Fresh off the game’s launch on iOS a few weeks ago, we’re back once again with more new stuff for the game (for both the App Store and Google Play)!




In this update: Two new zones (Scorpio and Sagittarius) featuring 45 new levels, 2 new bubble types, flow improvements, and more!


New zones: Scorpio and Sagittarius – We’ve added two new zones with 45 additional levels. Each new level poses new challenges and bubble types to test your skills.



New challenges await you at the Scorpio and Sagittarius zones!


New bubble types: Shifting Star and Explosion Levels 106 onward showcases two new bubble types that are sure to add a new layer of challenge to your game.


explosion shiftingstar

Explosion bubbles take out nearby bubbles once popped while Shifting Star bubbles constantly change their colors.


Difficulty adjustments – Adjusting the game’s difficulty based on your feedback is a never-ending process. We’re thankful to everyone who’s given us their thoughts!


  • Performance and bug fixes – We’ve made improvements on the store menus, friend match menus, and fixed some bugs. Thanks for the feedback, guys!
  • Improved gem rewards on horoscope sharing
  • We’ve added a feedback form in the settings menu for easier bug reporting and feedback. Access it by tapping the “Contact Us” button

Note: For iOS 10 users, you can activate your free Zodiac Pop! iMessage stickers once you download the game. Follow these steps to use the stickers: http://bit.ly/2dihX7r


Zodiac Pop! Is getting better with each update and we owe it all to you guys! Every comment helps shape our updates, so please keep them coming. Until next time, jelly pals, keep on poppin’ !


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