Zodiac Pop! Launches Worldwide on Google Play

We’re excited to announce the worldwide launch of our newest game: Zodiac Pop!, now available for free on Google Play.

Zodiac Pop!: A fun bubble shooting game and zodiac horoscope reader in one!

Zodiac Pop! is a horoscope-themed bubble-shooting puzzle game. Go on a space adventure with Zoe and her jelly pals, matching bubbles through a wide variety of challenging levels. In return for your help, Zoe will read the stars and give you your daily horoscope, free!

You can unlock more horoscopes as you travel through the galaxy, and even look up a friend and find out if you’d make a good match.

Key features:

★ Cute and colorful bubble shooter action - Blast bubbles with space bombs, burn through difficult levels with comets, and more
★ Lots of levels with different challenges - With more coming soon!
★ Get your free horoscope daily - Receive your zodiac sign's horoscope every day for free, and unlock more horoscope types as you progress through the galaxy
★ Match with your friends - Are you destined to be BFF’s? Is it love? Invite your friends and match with them to see what the stars have to say about the two of you.

What do you think of Zodiac Pop!? Please help us improve the game by sending us your feedback at [email protected]. If you like the game, be sure to leave us a review as well (and maybe even 5 stars!)

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