The Millennial Profile

This week’s post is part of the Millennial series written by our HR Associate, Joy Panaligan. Read part two of the series here.

The term “millennials” may be hard to define to people not of that generation. In the workplace, it’s important for companies to understand and adapt to this younger workforce. To learn more about millennials, we did some research and also interviewed people at Altitude Games who fit within the age range (people born from 1980 to 1996).

What are the common characteristics of a millennial?


  1. Technology-savvy


Sky explained the importance of making servers in an AWS event


“We are more technologically skilled, so we know how to use computers more than the [older] generation”. – Jeru Mercado

Thanks to growing up in the Internet age, millennials are the most technologically savvy compared to other generations. Familiar with the latest technology trends, they’re your best bet in finding out what’s popular in the world. They’re also quick to find alternate solutions to resolve a problem, since they’re so used to accessing information with just one click.


  1. Passionate


Artwork by Senior Game Artist, Shelly Del Mundo


“We want to be fulfilled [by]  what we do; money is not the top priority.”Darrell Uy

“I’m more on ‘do what you love to do’. I don’t see yet the value of getting a big salary to feed the family,  buying a car and house. I’m more [about] pursuing my passion”. – Jeru Mercado

Being young, millennials aren’t as concerned with earning money or saving up. Instead, they work to pursue their passion and dreams – so what they do has to be meaningful. It is “a generation less willing to sacrifice their lives for work. They want to be judged on their results, not time spent on the clock”.1


  1. Insightful about the past generations

“We can afford what we want and there are more possibilities. I kinda feel spoiled because the concept of having dreams is a luxury.  The previous generation can’t afford what I have now because they have to work to live.” – Deanna Que

Contrary to the popular belief that millennials have a sense of entitlement, they are actually insightful when it comes to the struggles of the previous generation (Baby Boomer and Gen X). They are aware of the privilege they have now, and are grateful for it. Compared to earlier generations, they grew up exposed to a lot of different perspectives from different media. They know that their parents worked hard to provide stability for them to pursue their dreams.

Now that we know the common characteristics of a millennial, how do we adapt our companies to better address this kind of employee? In our next blog post, we’ll talk about millennial-friendly HR policies.



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