Millennials in the Workplace

This week’s post is part of the Millennial series written by our HR Associate, Joy Panaligan. Read part one of the series here.



Millennials (born between 1980 and 1996) are the new subset of employees that will shape the face of future organizations. By 2020, they are expected to form 50% of the global workforce 3. To learn more about millennials, we did some research and also interviewed people at Altitude Games who fit within the age range. It turns out 83% of our employees belong to that generation (including the executive team!). What do they look for in a workplace?


  1. Flexibility

Flexitime and flexiplace.” – Sky Dy

“Flexible work hours and a nearby work place because I don’t want to commute for 3 hours.” – Jeru Mercado

Work from home is ideal,  but a hybrid of both home and office would be more ideal (for example, 3 co-working days in the office). You can work from home if it’s super traffic.”- Jan Rey Solomon

Gone are the days when the ideal work setup was a standard 8-to-5 job. Millennials look for flexible working hours; they lean more towards a less rigid corporate structure. But they don’t entirely disregard the need for physical space and interaction. Their ideal workplace is where they can manage their own time.


  1. A collaborative and positive team


Altitude’s art director Chester Ocampo with members of his art team (aka Tequila Tea Party): Aileen Martin, Deanna Que, Carol Dy, Eveth Nocon, and Shelly Del Mundo

“I like a team driven by positivity and process. Goals are important, as well as learning what you can to achieve them. The team needs to be successful in its objectives; you want to make it safe and not volatile. The team has to be there for you.” – Darrell Uy

Millennials do not operate in silos; they enjoy working with people and look for positive relationships in the workplace. They expect collaboration and a positive team attitude in order to achieve their goals.  In an era where everything is accessible in just one click, they appreciate transparency and sharing knowledge with the team.


  1. Frequent feedback

If I’m not doing things right, it’s not efficient. I need people to tell me.” – Deanna Que

Millennials run on passion, and they constantly need to know the impact of their contributions and performance. They want clarity in direction, to make sure they understand the objective of their tasks. They also look for more frequent communication.


  1. A mentor, not a boss


Creative Director Luna Javier together with game designer Jay Gavarra at Casual Connect Asia 2016 in Singapore

“A manager that listens and is prepared to mentor; someone who leads by example.” – Jan Rey Solomon

“I need a guiding light, not a slave driver.”  – Kerin Kokkhour

“I like a good balance, relatable but with a sense of authority. Someone who will listen to your concern but will not spoil you. I like a manager that is iron-fisted, strict with deadlines and quality. Someone who will push you to do better and would not settle; uncompromising.” – Deanna Que

Millennials are curious, they want to learn as much they can.  They “have a deep desire to make their lives meaningful through work” 2. They aim for excellence and need someone who can mentor them. They don’t want a “boss” who always hovers and constantly checks their work; instead, they want a mentor who believes they are not just an employee. They want to work in an organization where they can positively contribute.


  1. Continuous growth

“[I want] the kind of job that would get me to learn more, and also practice what I already know. Have the balance of doing what I’m comfortable with and at the same time try to learn something new. A good company values its employees, not just financially but by making them feel that what they’re doing has purpose and meaning. That way, they won’t feel bored or stay just for the salary and bonuses.” – Des de San Andres

Millennials do not want to be boxed into one task. They want to explore other opportunities and expand what they know, and apply it in their roles. Doing what they love and learning new things at the same time help them to realize their potential. If the company fosters personal growth of the millennial, they will most likely get their loyalty.


  1.  Purpose and fulfillment


CEO Gabby Dizon with Business Development Director Jeremiah Chow at Gamescom 2016 in  Germany


“Fulfillment; a job that I enjoy doing and am proud to show off what I made.” – Deanna Que

For as long as my view coincides with the company’s view.” – Sky Dy

“(I would leave a job) If it no longer fulfills my objective when I entered the job, because it turns into something I no longer like.” – Chester Ocampo

Millennials wants to have a sense of purpose in the work they do. Gone are the days that you only work for bread and butter. Millennials want to work for an organization that serves their personal purpose as well.


Millennials are the most diverse generation to date 1, witnessing the transition of the old (20th century) to the new millennium (21st century). The rapid development of technology increased their awareness and expanded their perspective. Just like any new generation, millennials challenge traditional views and pushes organizations to reinvent new ways of working. They are eager to learn, explore new things, and juggle more than one task; they are socially conscious and highly educated. They thrive and gravitate to workplaces that are flexible, with a positive and collaborative environment. Work is no longer just a source of income but more about personal achievement and fulfillment.


Millennials are geared towards a corporate culture that allows transparency, flexible approach to work, constant feedback, and rapid growth.Just as management styles must adapt to rapid changes in technology, so should they adapt to this new generation. Here’s hoping our findings help you manage and work better with millennials at your own company!



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