Meet our Game Artists: Dax and Rex

Games are not just about coding systems that drive gameplay; they’re also about making things visually appealing to the user. Most of the time, we are drawn to a game simply because it looks cool. That’s where our artists come in. Today, we’re going to meet two of our artists (that both have one-syllable names): Dax and Rex.

Rex Golez


Who are you and what do you do in Altitude?

Hey guys, my name is Rex, and I’m a 2D artist at Altitude Games. A 2D artist basically takes care of in-game art assets as well as marketing materials and sometimes even things down the pipeline such as texturing. I also do concept work for Altitude, together with Eveth Nocon under the guidance of our Art Director (Chester Ocampo). Concept work is pretty fun; it’s basically world-building through visual development, and it spearheads each new project!

What is your nickname? (Can also be your favorite name you use when gaming)

I usually go for RocketRex, or Rocketman. I’ve always been into space and rocket ships ever since I was a kid, and I guess the nickname just got stuck. I think rockets are the peak of mankind’s technological achievement! Plus wow, space?! HAVE YOU SEEN IT?! It’s like Yugen! Like supah awe—right, just the nickname.

RocketRex. Yeah.

How did you get started as an artist?

I have been holding and doodling with a pen as far as I can remember. My mom is an artist and she’s pretty nifty with the pencil and oil, so you can say the environment (being surrounded by artwork) and her genes pushed me to follow her path. Nothing has changed; I was able to preserve the passion to draw and create albeit through a different medium (I broke up with my pen and pencil and fully accepted digital). Pen and pencil still call me once in a while, I ignore their texts. I use to draw knights riding horses trying to save princesses, but both getting devoured by dragons. I was 5 years old.

Describe your art style in one word: Anachronistic.


What are the favorite games you played growing up?

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Best. Game. Ever. Until Metal Gear Solid came around.

Sniper Wolf’s death…

Don’t care. Bawled like a little girl.

Who are your biggest influences as a digital artist?

Jean Giraud or “Moebius” has become a huge influence to the development of my art style. His precise lines combined with Yoji Shinkawa’s (Metal Gear Series) art groove became a driving force to the style that I carry right now. These guys are legends. One can dream as well right?


Throughout your career, how did you go about improving your skills as an artist?

I focused on two things: Visual Library and Mileage.

Visual library means learning as much as you can about this world (how things look, how they work inside, what are their purpose and functions) and saving this information in your head to be used later for concept design and visual development. Basically it comes to this: the more knowledge you have stored in your visual library, the more cool and unique things you can draw! Mileage because well, the more you practice your craft, the better you get. 10,000 hours, guys! that’s the target! (…I’m not there yet, btw. Far from it, to be honest.)

What are you working on now?
Something pretty…awesome.

Where else can we see your works?

…Told you I like rockets.


Dax Tee

Who are you and what do you do in Altitude?

I am Dax Tee. I am a UI artist for Altitude Games. I’m responsible for designing anything that allows the player to interact with our games. You could say I bridge their world and our games, hahaha! The job involves everything from creating buttons for the users to click, to layouts of information on the page, to visual balance between the UI and other game elements.

Due to previous work experience, I also help out with marketing materials and social media materials our games need.

What is your nickname? (Can also be your favorite name you use when gaming)

Dax. daxtee most of the time in-game – I got tired of my friends asking me if I was this guy, and someone else apparently tries to take daxtee as a username for some reason?! Why?!

How did you get started as an artist?

Oh, my parents got called to school for my Anatomically Correct and Complete Adam and Eve drawing when I was in Grade 1. Ahead of my time…

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Animated Infographic:

 Describe your art style in one word: Versatile.

My UI work is clean. I design based on client requirements and needs. Throwing in a little of my own taste in there. Usability first before aesthetics. Doesn’t matter if it looks good if it doesn’t work or client doesn’t want it.

My personal art style is a little ornate. I love it when there’s a lot going on. And when they all fall into a form of balance.
What are the favorite games you played growing up?

Growing up? I guess that’s in my teen years? Hahaha. The King of Fighters Series (94 up to the latest one), Street Fighter 2, that WWF Wrestling Arcade Game, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, and Punch Out (til 4 am in the morning)

 Who are your biggest influences as a digital artist?

I used to collect comic books like any kid in my day. My favorites were Marc Silvestri, Mark Texiera, Leonardo Manco, and Chris Bachalo. Man, when Silvestri showed up with Darksiders and the Darkness, I knew I had to get my hands on those. Also a big fan of Kazuma Kaneko, Hirohiko Akari, and Kentaro Miura.

Throughout your career, how did you go about improving your skills as an artist?
Constantly challenging myself with styles and projects that were a bit new to me. Getting out of your comfort zone is important. You don’t stagnate or become complacent.

What are you working on now?
Working on various UI tasks for our games. Getting started on a little UX too. Really exciting stuff! Getting a taste of a little bit of everything!


Where else can we see your works?

My previous include several corporate websites and some social media stuff:

The Medical City website and it’s corresponding facebook page and some of the infographics are my handiwork:

Perfect Italiano’s Prefettos were my creation:

Corporate stuff:

The Run Run Super V Trailers:

Lazy with updating my online portfolios =p

Deviant Art and WordPress:
and the late Marilou Diaz Abaya’s film school still use my old artworks for their website and had some framed in their halls =)



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