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About the Game

Bubble shooting action that's out of this world!

Help Zoe and her jelly pals burst bubbles in space. In return, she'll read the stars and give you your daily horoscope! Match as many bubbles as you can and unlock more horoscopes as you travel through the galaxy. It's a fun bubble shooting game and zodiac horoscope reader in one! You can play alone or better yet, share your fortune with friends or beat their high scores!

Zodiac Pop! is free to play with the option to buy items with in-app purchases.

Cute and colorful bubble shooter action
Blast bubbles with space bombs, burn through difficult levels with comets, and more!

Lots of levels with different challenges
With more coming soon!

Get your free horoscope daily
Receive your zodiac sun sign's horoscope every day for free, and unlock more horoscope types as you progress through the galaxy.

Match with your friends
Are you destined to be BFF’s? Is it love? Invite your friends and match with them to see what the stars have to say about the two of you.

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