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Holy Ship!

Winner of the 3rd IMGA SEA Award for Best Quickplay Game  

Ahoy, matey! As the new captain of a ship, you are on the way to becoming the greatest pirate of all time! 

Recruit crew, unlock skills, and upgrade your ship to become the best pirate on the leaderboards. As you sail the high seas, enemies be waiting for ye around every corner. Arrrr you up for the challenge in Holy Ship?

  • Easy to play: Allow your crew to fight automatically or step in to use your special powers with just one tap! Each time you take to the seas, gold will be waiting for you to collect.
  • Enemies are waiting: Evil bosses and their crews are waiting to destroy your ship and steal your gold! Watch out for infamous captains like Ned Shark, Krispy Kraken, and Scorpydoo. Good luck out there, you’ll need it.
  • Pick your crew: Your crew will be there for you whenever you need them. As you travel, new crew mates will join your ship. Choose between the pig, Nas T. Bacon, the dog, Solomon Bark, and many more. Being a pirate is all about friendship after all, right? Well, plunder and friendship. Close enough.
  • Customize your ship: Defeat enemies to capture their gear for you to use. Legendary sails, cannons, and hulls are out there waiting to be found. Oh buoy, we can’t wait to see what your ship will look like!
  • Release the kraken: Well, kind of. You can choose which powerful skills to equip and when to use them.  Will you choose the Double Barrage, Blazing Big Cannon, the Quickening, or another? (We have no idea what the Quickening does, so good luck if you choose that one.)
  • Challenge of a lifetime: The challenges of the open ocean are never ending. More enemies, bosses, and treasure are waiting for you in new regions all over the world. We’re not even shore where you’ll be travelling to next!

What are you waiting for? Download and play Holy Ship today for an action packed adventure of truly epic proportions.

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