Our Favorite Endless Runners

When we’re not building Run Run Super V, we’re playing (and getting inspiration from) our favorite games during our downtime. Here are some of Altitude’s favorite endless running games on mobile:

Joniel Ibasco, Game Engineer


Into the Dead, by Pikpok

Favorite runner game: Into the Dead

Why you like it: I like being able to shoot and kill things (in video games); strong theme; also, it’s the second out of two runner games I’ve played.
Highest score: Too unspectacular to mention (i.e. I don’t remember anymore).
Other favorites/honorable mentions: Temple Run; it’s the first out of two runner games I’ve played.

Luna Cruz, Creative Director

Favorite runner game: Into the Dead
Why you like it: The controls are intuitive, the design is very strong and simple – and the zombie theme, of course, is done beautifully 🙂
Highest score: Sadly, I just switched phones from iOS to Android – so I’ve got no high score to boast of 🙁
Other favorites/honorable mentions: Jetpack Joyride

Paul Gadi, Technical Director


Punch Quest

Favorite runner game: Punch Quest
Why you like it: You don’t just run, you uppercut bosses as well!
Highest score: Damn it I just uninstalled it!
Other favorites/honorable mentions: Whale Trail (Love the song!), Ski Safari Adventure Time, Minion Rush

Jan Rey Solomon, Product & Community Manager


Wind Runner

Favorite runner game: Wind Runner
Why you like it: I really like the art style and its coin sound effects reminds me of the rings in Sonic the Hedgehog for some reason.
Highest Score: 29,068
Other favorites/honorable mentions: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 because every time I play it it tells me that my wishes will come true. Also, Giant Boulder of Death because steam rolling through everything and yodeling is awesome. It’s simple yet mind-numbingly fun.

Jaime Favis, Data Analyst & QA Manager


Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Favorite runner game: Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Why you like it: I like the theme and art design. Plus it has The Touch as part of its soundtrack!
Highest score: 66,219
Other favorites/honorable mentions: Into the Dead – the theme of this game is also very strong


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