Dream Defense update: Lots of new stuff!

Greetings, defenders!

Last January, we announced on Facebook that we had a new game out on open alpha – Dream Defense! Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made a lot of significant improvements in the game. Read on to see what you can look forward to in the latest update.



In this update: A new upgrade system, weapons, backgrounds… and explorer sheep!

Explorer Sheep – Send sheep out on missions to get more Dream Ore

Explorer Sheep

Need more Dream Ore? Don’t worry, our fluffy friends will get more for you!

New Upgrade System – Collect Dream Ore by completing levels and use them to upgrade our hero’s arsenal! More firepower to keep those nightmares away



2 New Weapons – Wipe out a whole wave of enemies with the Super Unicorn Cannon and the Super Robot Stomp (does that foot look familiar?)



BEHOLD! The Super Unicorn Cannon!


Super Robot Stomp – Our hero gets help from his friends

New Dream Worlds – Robin’s nightmares come to life with new backgrounds. Check out the haunted Carnival for episode 2 and the Dark Forest for episode 3

The haunted Carnival: Where the magical, become diabolical.

vlcsnap-00035 vlcsnap-00027 vlcsnap-00015

The Dark Forest: Robin’s last camping trip may not have been the most enjoyable one.

vlcsnap-00074 vlcsnap-00097 vlcsnap-00109


Performances and bug fixes – We’ve addressed your feedback and squished some more bugs!

We’d like to thank everyone who has played the game and given us feedback. It’s because of you guys that we are able to make all this new stuff 🙂


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