The complete beginner’s guide to Dream Defense

Did you ever stay awake at night as a kid, worried about the monsters that could come out in the dark? We’ve just launched a mobile game that lets you fight back: Dream Defense, a cute action shooter where you get to play a toy gun-toting teddy bear! 

Read on for some insider tips and tricks to make your playing experience a little easier.


Pick the right weapon

The key to winning in Dream Defense is simple: always bring in the correct arsenal. Not all weapons are created equal, so choose the weapon that best suits the enemies you’re facing. Do they have bubble shields? Bring the Dart Bow to pop those in one shot. Are they slow and tough? The Acid Goo Shooter deals damage over time, doing much of your work for you even before they reach the bed. Don’t be afraid to mix and match weapons every level to see which combination works best.



Pop bubble shields with the Dart Bow


Make combos with power-ups

Power-ups might be more expensive to use, but their firepower is worth it. Did you know you can make combinations with power-ups and weapons?




Try freezing fast enemies with the Cream Freezer so you can pick them off with the BB Gun. Or group them together with the Dreamcatcher so you can pierce them all at once with the Dart Bow. You can even do combos with one power-up after another.



The Super Robot Stomp


Pro tip: The premium items, like the Super Unicorn Cannon and the Super Robot Stomp, will nuke your entire screen – those are the best panic buttons money can buy.


Fortify your bed with defenses

Defenses, which auto-equip to the bed area as you unlock them, are more powerful than they seem. Just like the other items, upgrading defenses make them much stronger each time. The Bed Cushion and Barricades increase your hit points so you can last longer. 



A fully defended bed will help you keep the nightmares at bay


 We particularly love the Lamp, which can obliterate any enemy within range. Don’t forget to upgrade so you can maximize their benefits!


Upgrade your weapons, power-ups and defenses often

At some point, you’ll hit a level that is just too hard to beat with starting level weapons. Or maybe you’re noticing that you’re spending too much in ammunition. Level the playing field by upgrading your weapons, power-ups and defenses which makes them more effective in a fight. You’ll need both coins and dream ore to perform an upgrade.

After winning a level, you get a lunchbox that can contain coins, dream ore and gems. You can even get an extra lunchbox by watching an ad if you wanted to, that’s the easiest way to earn coins and dream ore. Double the lunchboxes means double the rewards!



Another way to get Dream Ore (without even really trying) is to send sheep out on missions before you go. Sheep will gather Dream Ore even while you’re not playing. Just make sure to come back when the time is up, or you can use gems to rush the sheep if you can’t wait.
Haven’t downloaded Dream Defense yet? What are you waiting for? Download it today for FREE on Google Play. What are your favorite tips and tricks? Be sure to let us know!



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