announces blockchain gaming solution launch

SINGAPORE – March 7th, 2018 – Global blockchain gaming solution provider announces its official launch today. is a decentralized platform that provides blockchain-based solutions to game developers, empowering them to create, fund, and monetize their games. Alto’s tools include proprietary Item and Store Builders that enable developers to mint and sell non-fungible, fully Read More »

Check out our team’s articles on cryptogaming!

Over the past few weeks, our Altitude team has published several articles on Medium on cryptogaming and the blockchain. It’s a new field for us and we’re excited to share our research with everyone! Check out the articles below:   Let’s Build A Decentralized Game Economy Using Blockchains Part 1 and Part 2 by Paul Read More »

Three Reason why you need play Dream Defense

Dear gamers, Did you know that playing Dream Defense can bring benefits to your health? Games reduce stress Case studies show that gamers who suffered from stress and depression were able to vent their frustration and aggression by playing video games. Try taking your stress out on the monsters in Dream Defense! Tap on the Read More »

Become a Sentai Hero with Run Run Super V

Did you grow up with Japanese tokusatsu TV shows in the ‘90s? Like the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers Mystic Force, or Hikari Sentai Maskman? If you’re a fan, and you ever dreamt you could be a ranger, then Run Run Super V is a great game for you. Once you start Read More »

Keep Monsters Away This Halloween With Dream Defense!

October, the month of Halloween, is synonymous with frosty mornings, dead leaves, and deepening shadows. Before we begin the cold, gray winter, we contemplate the dead — and whether or not we will join them before the snow finally gives way to spring. Halloween is also a great time to play Dream Defense – a Read More »

Dream Defense update: Happy holidays!

Greetings, defenders! It’s been three weeks since we launched Dream Defense on the App Store and Google Play, and now we’re back with some holiday goodies in our latest update!   In this update: A Santa skin for Robearto, daily quests, and new stuff at the store!

Zodiac Pop! update #4: Capricorn Zone!

Greetings, jelly pals!  We’re back once again with new stuff for Zodiac Pop!. This update is for both the App Store and Google Play, so make sure you update your game to access the new content. In this update: A new zone: Capricorn, featuring 25 new levels, a new boost, and new horoscope moods!

The Millennial Profile

This week’s post is part of the Millennial series written by our HR Associate, Joy Panaligan. Read part two of the series here. The term “millennials” may be hard to define to people not of that generation. In the workplace, it’s important for companies to understand and adapt to this younger workforce. To learn more Read More »