How to activate your free Dream Defense stickers for iMessage

You’ve just downloaded Dream Defense on your iOS device, woohoo! Did you know it comes with free iMessage stickers? Express your moods with our heroic and cuddly teddy bear and his adorable sheep friend! Here’s how you can activate your free stickers: 1.Open your iMessage app:    2. Create a new message and tap on the App Store Read More »

Zodiac Pop! update #4: Capricorn Zone!

Greetings, jelly pals!  We’re back once again with new stuff for Zodiac Pop!. This update is for both the App Store and Google Play, so make sure you update your game to access the new content. In this update: A new zone: Capricorn, featuring 25 new levels, a new boost, and new horoscope moods!

The complete beginner’s guide to Dream Defense

Did you ever stay awake at night as a kid, worried about the monsters that could come out in the dark? We’ve just launched a mobile game that lets you fight back: Dream Defense, a cute action shooter where you get to play a toy gun-toting teddy bear!  Read on for some insider tips and Read More »

Dream Defense now available worldwide on Google Play!

Greetings, defenders! Just in time for Halloween, we’re excited to announce the worldwide launch of Dream Defense, now available for free on Google Play.     In Dream Defense, you play as a gun-slinging teddy bear who comes to life at night to defend his playmate Robin from creatures that attack her as she sleeps. Read More »

Millennial-Friendly HR Policies

This week’s post is the last in the Millennial series written by our HR Associate, Joy Panaligan. Read part three of the series here. We’ve spent the past few weeks talking about what a millennial is and how they behave. The millennial workforce is expected to grow by 50% and dominate organizations by 2020.3 At Read More »

Zodiac Pop! update #3: New levels and bubbles!

Greetings, jelly pals! Fresh off the game’s launch on iOS a few weeks ago, we’re back once again with more new stuff for the game (for both the App Store and Google Play)!     In this update: Two new zones (Scorpio and Sagittarius) featuring 45 new levels, 2 new bubble types, flow improvements, and Read More »

The Millennial Profile

This week’s post is part of the Millennial series written by our HR Associate, Joy Panaligan. Read part two of the series here. The term “millennials” may be hard to define to people not of that generation. In the workplace, it’s important for companies to understand and adapt to this younger workforce. To learn more Read More »