How to activate your free Zodiac Pop! stickers for iMessage

You’ve just downloaded Zodiac Pop! on your iOS device, woohoo! Did you know it comes with free iMessage stickers? You can now use Zoe and her jelly pals to add some astrological flare to your messages.

Here’s how you can activate your free stickers:


1.Open your iMessage app:   ios-messages-app-icon-300x300


2. Create a new message and tap on the App Store icon near the text field where you would type your message:



3. Tapping on the App Store icon will bring up this drop down menu. From the drop down menu, tap on “Store”:


4. On the top portion, tap on the “Manage” tab. You will see the list of available apps / stickers you can install. Scroll until you see Zodiac Pop! Stickers and activate it.


5. You can now have fun using Zodiac Pop! stickers within your messages!


Don’t have Zodiac Pop! installed yet? Download it now for free!


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